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Originally Posted by Vexx
I keep hoping gas hits $10/gal simply because it might force us into rebuilding our public transit infrastructure nationwide (we really did use to have a cobbled together set of systems).
Yes, well, it's a nice dream.

It's really a different situation out here in the West though. It does seem problematic to establish a European- or Japanese-style public transportation system when all we have are huge sprawling suburban cities and keep them running in the black. Certain Californian metropolises or Seattle up north might be able to do it (and by the gods LA for one should do it, ugh that horrid traffic), but no way in hell can Vegas or Phoenix or other "smaller" and more spread-out places can. The best we have here is the tourist-favored system in the Strip.

I for one have to drive, like it or not, to college and to any other location I need to go in everyday life. There might be occasions that I consider a bitter medicine like extremely expensive oil prices worth it in the long run, but then next morning I went and start the engine and the medicine seems particularly, hmm, bitter...

Originally Posted by FLCL View Post
i agree though, im appalled at hte lack of driving skill, a simple measure to ensure good drivers? MAKE ALL CARS Manual transmission. Automatic transmissions make any able to point and drive, terrible terrible terrible.
Hey now, convenience isn't a crime you know.

I personally don't really care if a fellow driver isn't the most skilled driver in the world; you drive for three months and anyone's good to go. I'd much prefer that the person be more respectful of other drivers than anything else really.

Skilled or unskilled, if that sonofabitch keeps tailing me or speed and constantly change lanes left and right (I kept asking myself: what the -fuck- are they thinking?), it's a danger to everyone on the road either way. Oh, and the whole "old people" + slow-ass driving thing is also dangerous, since it makes people (me included) impatient and irritated, and normally respectful drivers can turn snippy if sufficiently annoyed.

Oh, and ban the cellphone.
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