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Originally Posted by Guernsey View Post
Has anyone here had trouble with the written test of the driving exam? I know it is multiple choice but seriously, I had a difficult time especially with those trick questions they dish out at you. Is there any website I can go to to prepare? I realize not a lot of people live in Ohio.
I failed once, an epic 39 out of 50 (cut off line, lol). The trick-and-common-sense questions aren't your problems; rather, study the book closely, and be particular with the numbers and the specifics: those are what got me.

They don't ask obvious questions like what a big red stop sign do (if you don't already know, stay off the road please! ), and if they do it's your free point; they ask less obvious questions like what their DMC handbook says on the distance needed for so-and-so, the fine for not having insurance, or something ridiculously un-obvious like that.

But really, it's easy. Next time around I nearly aced with my eyes closed.
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