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Mikono showed a little worry for Kagura and now they're saying she's fickle (laughs bitterly). You can't make sweeping judgments on people so easily.
YES! Kawamori agrees with me. I feel happy now.

And it's also hilarious how people were raging saying that the Apollo/Pollon theory was made up on the spot. Or how it was a created as their master plan to get Mikono and Amata together. What now people! It was thought up during the first series!

Although I don't see why people say that it ruined the Apollo/Sylvia pairing.. Did people just love them because of the reincarnation romance? Or because of their interactions and moments together? :/..Because from what I've heard it seems like the former..:/ And if it's the latter, does it really matter that they're not "destined lovers" anymore? They're still cute together.... Aren't they? (Hasn't watched the first series)

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