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Originally Posted by queenSwild View Post
YES! Kawamori agrees with me. I feel happy now.

And it's also hilarious how people were raging saying that the Apollo/Pollon theory was made up on the spot. Or how it was a created as their master plan to get Mikono and Amata together. What now people! It was thought up during the first series!

Although I don't see why people say that it ruined the Apollo/Sylvia pairing.. Did people just love them because of the reincarnation romance? Or because of their interactions and moments together? :/..Because from what I've heard it seems like the former..:/ And if it's the latter, does it really matter that they're not "destined lovers" anymore? They're still cute together.... Aren't they? (Hasn't watched the first series)
At least back than everyone thought it was too stupid and it was a dropped plot point. If it had been revealed in Genesis it would have killed the series than and there. Thus they waited til after Genesis was over and reused the abandoned plot point in EVOL(Which they never planned at all anyway. Thus they used the Pollon point as an excuse for a sequel to reuse Touma as a villian again because he was "Tricked". Than there's the part where they dropped Sirius altogether) which is "very" convenient for Amata and Mikono since they can heavily twist this angle for why they "aren't" destined for eachother but that loses merit considering Apollonius hasn't shown up and isn't fighting for Mikono's affection.

When Genesis ended they were happy with everyone going with the Apollonius is Apollo theory which was supported more than once in Genesis so just like Pollon the Apollonius theory had just as much merit and was the one they actually went with for Genesis. Than they decided in EVOL that they would rather revisit the dropped Pollon plot line(Without considering the remafications, only that it would help them actually make a messed up future) which is dumb considering Pollon was unimportant and had only a few seconds of actual screentime.
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