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It's mostly because they just don't like Amata x Mikono and you can't blame them for that. Kagura hasn't been angsting around or being shy, he's etremely straight forward with what he wants and Mikono has shown more than once that she likes the thought of what he wants to do to her when he gets the chance. While Amata tries and fails to move past the early stages and just drags it out. So of course they would find is lewd because before than it didn't seem to be going anywhere at all and it seemed like to them that Amata was "Stealing" Mikono from Kagura thus turning Mikono into a "slut" in their own words and Amata into a Girlfriend snatcher. Doesn't help that in the early episodes Zessica was pushed pretty hard for Amata and his constant ignorance towards her while chasing Mikono who fans were quite sure she was going to be with Kagura over her reactions to him at that point.
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