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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

My wife just smacked me in head for grinning too much while listening to the chorus.

Originally Posted by Tak View Post

Now, is Maho going to do Panzerlied? Female version? Rie Tanaka is a capable singer, but she doing the Panzerlied would be...

- Tak

If that happens, I am calling this series Kami level in terms of insert songs.

Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post

Panzerlied is an inferior song though. And yes, I just watched that scene from "The Battle of the Bulge". Besides, the problem with Black Forest is that they don't have very much fun. If Miho was at Pravda a year ago, she'd have never left.

The amusing part is that the best music pieces aren't even original compositions.
I care not whether it is original. The music is cute, glorious, and nicely done, and if so, I don't care even if they use L'homme armé

As for the Panzerlied, I know that the song has many problems, but with the tanks Black Forest have, it is the most historically fitting song, in my opinion. It can also be made into glorious choral piece

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