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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Look at how Japanese people pronounce basic English words, then imagine them trying to say things like "vsponyat", or "vzglad".
Anyone who's watched Last Exile: Silver Wing know how that worked out, ahaha. Yeah, this series is lucky that they had a native VA who is actually familiar and skilled with the Russian language on payroll, or else this wouldn't have worked out nearly as well.

Hmm, riddle me this. People tell me that it would be relatively easy to take out the T34/76s due to the big and tasty front hatch that they have, but in practice how possible would it be for the Ooarai girls, with the AFVs that they have, to accurately target these? My experience in World of Tanks (I use a Panzer IV with a L48 gun) is that when I target the front glacis of a T-34 my shots BOUNCE OFF.
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