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While I sort of get where you're going to this, try to remember that Fino has all the mental maturity of a five year old. She had no idea of the significance of her actions, and taking advantage of her would have been screwed up in the worst way possible.
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especially because he is a hero he can't take advantage of a girl's lack of knowledge. He is the sorta of a guy (like some,not all, military american kids are depicted in movies) who would have sex only after marriage
yep i know but why he dont teach??? instead of just "avoid" and runing, fino already showed which she can "learn" if you proper teach her and she even aware of "sex"(due to her father raping girls) she not completly clueless or something like that, again i'm not ask him to be a pervert or molest, but at last be a "man"(or at last act like really a person from his age i supposed to act) even tarzan or mogli which both of then lived part of their lifes with "animals" are much less "stupids" childish than him, if fino have a 5 years mind then rau have a 1 or 2 years when come to womans

this what i really hate on harem mcs, why we can't have a "mc" where we can believe which actually can exist in the world, when we have pure comic mcs like yuma from kore wa or the guy from new ore bla bla bla anime, fine his behaviour is excused with the comic part but whe we have a guy like rau which was supposed to be a "serious guy" wtf is unbearable and disgusting, he looks like come from a dimension/planet/world or something like that where only have mans which only living to fight and womans or being lovely never existed(c'mon he even have a girl as partner and he was supposed to living in a normal place with childrens of both gender.

again i'm not ask him to be a pervert or try to take advantage of her but really act like a real person which can teach everything to her(at last share what he know since she is on his responsability) without blushing/shy/stutter/changing the talk, everytime(ok i know some topic are not all the proper to a guy talk with a girl but not everyone specially when you know the girl and know which she needs help and for now you are her best source) she act clueless, if him can't talk in public fine then call her to talk in private, if him really a good guy he not gonna try to raper her and no one around we think he gonna try, this is why i really hate many archtypes/cliche mcs because their are too much unreal to burden

what anger me more is when we look to others males near his own age(not only here but in others animes) almost everyone act more "normal" than him like "being normal" is wrong and borin and you never gonna wins a girl, you must act extremely crazy, being a big pervert or a big shy otherwise no girls gonna look to you.

at last teach her about things like "girlfriend/dates/marriage"(at last marriage she must know since she have a mother) and basic things like that not gonna turn him in a pervert or molester or raper or make her hate him.
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