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Originally Posted by stevenjai1 View Post
Thank you for the detail and spoiler but just want to make sure did Ryoma received reinforcement from the general of the mist kingdom and other nobles like Earl Bergston who decide to help him is that the reason he was able to gather 50,000 soldier to fight against queens army because I thought he only has about 1,000 or 2,000 troop?
I agree that he doesn't have 50,000 troops, but I think he had more than 1 or 2K, that is just what he took to war and he has always hidden his full potential before. So maybe he had 5K, and at the most unlikely 10K.

The rest is sound tactics and strategy. The funny thing is thinking a 2-1 number advantage is enough, even in the open field. That is why quality of forces is so critical. We already know that Ryoma has superior soldiers and so should Lupis since Elena betrayed him and was there to witness the skill of his troops in battle against the Empire.

Thanks for summarizing it.
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