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Thank you for the detail and spoiler but just want to make sure did Ryoma received reinforcement from the general of the mist kingdom and other nobles like Earl Bergston who decide to help him is that the reason he was able to gather 50,000 soldier to fight against queens army because I thought he only has about 1,000 or 2,000 troop?
The 50,000 is from reinforcements from the general of the mist kingdom, as well as soldiers of the ten houses of the north Ryoma took over and installed his 2 new commanders to oversee as well as mercenaries and Demi humans and earl bergston and his brother in law. From the mist kingdom Ryoma acquired their specialized archer division with their general known as undefeated in every battle. True when he went to war against the 10 great houses of the north he had at most 2k but a lot has changed since then.
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