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Originally Posted by I_am_Kami View Post
She could be a loli Magneto.

Here is something else I picked up

-It is possible it is a Dragon inside his arm. Why? It doesn't necessarily have to look like a dragon right? An example of it would be Aiwass.
-The thing inside might eat magic,esper powers,etc instead of IB simply negating it.
-It is also known that Dragons have some immunity to magic.

If the text from V.22 really is "chewing it's possible then that Touma actually killed and ate Izzard with the dragon arm. Stiyl lied to him so that he wouldn't feel guilty about it, get scared of his arm, or find out how to possibly use it against Necessarius at a future date.

^This is stuff I found. The thing about Izzard is something someone pointed out.

It's possible , I still am not sure what happened to Izzard
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