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Okay, well just read all the volumes, and I know this is set in a fantasy world, but I'm guessing Brune is France and Zhcted is the Holy Roman Empire. Well, at least loosely based on the countries. The first King of Brune 'King Charles' was probably about Charlemagne, and the whole Durandal thing was also a Franksish legend. On top of this Alsace is a real Frankish city which is still around today in fact, and coincidentally borders Germany, which during Medieval Times was Germany. Honestly, my hunch on the Holy Roman Empire is less backed up then my one on France. Honestly the only thing I have is that it borders France, Leitmeritz is a real city in Germany, and the all the names sound German. Anyways, Vorn (Tigre's last name) means front in German.
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