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Originally Posted by kazzuya13 View Post
I get the feeling that this will end the same as the folklore. For example Tigre will die at the same place and time as Ellen.
That will be a huuuuge disappointment to me

Originally Posted by Kioras View Post
Read the translations, pretty good story, however it was hurt by a few things.

The illustrations do not do service to the seriousness of the volumes and the fights, they seem out of place, since they concentrate mostly on fanservice portions. The designs, stressing the cuteness of the characters is also a disservice to the author. I think it would look better with pictures similar to the more realistic, gritty style, somewhat similar to the volume art for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.

The fanservice portions of the story seem a bit tacked on, out of place again with the rest of the story, almost directed just for the target audence and crammed inbetween somehow, between the politics/warfare.
I started realizing about fan service after encountering DxD. The hell with the fanservice. It destroys my "action sequences".

Originally Posted by kazzuya13 View Post
They attracted the readers through the illustration and once they read it they will be hooked on the story instead. It is just basic market strategy.
I have dropped various animes because they have nothing but this.

Originally Posted by ArchmageXin View Post
The paradoy is definitely great, but....not everyone is gonna get your message and call you a troll.

Still, we are in a forum made to read LIGHT novels, if you want discuss Shakespeare or other classic "high lit", find the correct forum to do so.

Reading light novels is a guilty pleasure for most of us anyway. I like to nit pick plots now and then, but I still understand it is not meant to be a great piece of Lit~
LNs are my stress busters. So yeah, don't compare this with literature
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