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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
Well, my favorite Gundam series are set in UC era...


The story never ends well either.

The mobile suit itself is kind of impractical. I think it's driven by magic, not science.

And character like Char is so mysteriously popular...

And harem series is supposedly inferior and retard compared to the great Gundam shows...
Well, UC Gundam is like WW2 with robots.. so I'm not sure how a story like that can end well. Ultimately millions of people die and peace may or may not happen.. And even if it happens it may not last..

Haha, well it is totally make believe right? For a mobile suit to make sense you have to buy in to all the things they made up .. namely that long-range radar and long-range missiles are no longer effective due to Minovsky particles.

I'm surprised your favourites are in the UC era .. but you don't like Char? He's like the model people using for the talented charismatic villain that has his own ideals and will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

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