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Only got as far as chapter 14 and I thought it was one of the latest chapters. But then I did some research and found out that there's already a season 2. Man, the scanlated chapters are sure far behind. >.<

The first few chapters are definitely repetitive. It's kind of like how Bleach started with hollow of the week, instead we have monsters of the week. The plot does start to pick up at around the 9th chapter???(Well, somewhere around there). I was a little surprised when first started reading it, since i was expecting a fun typical harem, but then we they fight the first higher level monster, i was like "wow, is this action shouen?". I guess I'll call this action harem or something like that. Definitely, not what I expected, but that's a good thing. So far so good, so i definitely hope the anime does it's justice.

and boy, the main character really likes to get cut up a lot.
omg Ku-chan!
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