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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Did you fall sleep during the Amazon Lily arc?

Mihawk already found it troublesome to teach a fellow pirate who he held in somewhat high regard (due to Zoro's display of honor and such) so I highly highly doubt he would teach her. Not to mention the fact that she would most likely try to arrest Zoro rather than be a fellow student...
to be honest amazon lily arc still have some "interesting" and "diverse" body design. it just for now Oda use hourglass body template and change their head. this kinda done before time skip. but now we have 3 or more girl will roughly same body and long hair.

sure as time goes one people more mature and so does the body. but i do hope oda bit more creative

i just miss my tomboy short hair girl

to be honest teaching Zoro and Tashigi probably easy. Mihawk so a technique. then they told both of them to copy. or he just make crazy exercise and and let them do it while he sipping a coffee behind the window.

and aim for Tashigi is not arresting Zoro (that Smoker which one to capture luffy) she just want to defeat him. beside now way Tashigi can capture Zoro by herself. smoker wont be there since he have his own business (in fact he probably order her to go for training for preparation to go to new world) and pretty sure Tashigi go to there solely for training
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