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and aim for Tashigi is not arresting Zoro (that Smoker which one to capture luffy) she just want to defeat him. beside now way Tashigi can capture Zoro by herself. smoker wont be there since he have his own business (in fact he probably order her to go for training for preparation to go to new world) and pretty sure Tashigi go to there solely for training

Y'know, that reminds me..... for a long time I've clung to the theory that Zoro's final opponent in the series wouldn't be Mihawk or whoever replaces him as the greatest swordsman, but Tashigi. Somehow, I just find it fitting for his final battle to be against the one who reminds him so much of his departed rival.....

That being said, I highly doubt that Mihawk trained Tashigi (why would a marine seek help from a pirate when she could have her senior officers train her instead?). I'm also sure that she managed to level up considerably after spending some time in the NW with Smoker.

And back to Pekoms.... heh, while I would have cited Marco as an example of an ultimate defensive power, I kinda consider him to be a special case since he's able to heal himself. Also, we can't be sure that he's immobile while in turtle mode. After all, since it was possible for some CP9 members (well, just Jyabura, really) to move around while using a defensive technique like Tekkai, then I see no reason why Pekoms' power would hinder his mobility.

As for being a Tarasque zoan..... while that's definitely a unique idea, I'm a bit unsure about that. I mean, he COULD be one, but that would most likely make him a dragon-type user, and I sort of doubt that Oda would make multiple dragon fruits (just like how I kinda doubt that we'd see a Fenghuang zoan since we already have the phoenix). I think it's more likely that Pekoms is a plain ol' turtle zoan, but it's not like Oda can't make references to the Tarasque with some of his techniques.....
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