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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
It's not a matter of it being easy or hard, it's a matter of personality. Mihawk is already NOT the type to take in something like disciples, taking Zoro was already a stretch...taking a weaker marine is an even longer stretch. Also don't forget, Mihawk is a pirate, allied to the WG yes, but still a pirate, doubt there's much marine love there. Just doesn't sound right to me.

Just because she used a technique we've seen Mihawk use, doesn't mean she learned it from him...
of course this is just speculation, anything can be wrong

then again i do think mihawk don't mind to let Tashigi to do zoro practice. is not like the practice is they battle mihawk everyday. probably something like mihawk show how to vut the rock and ask them to copy.

reason being why he let tashigi do that is because he want to see next generation of swordsman. if they are stronger than him. he must be proud

also i dont think Oda give Tashigi bullet bending and simply saying "oh she actually learn it from other pirate not mihawk". that is soo not oda-like

in fact probably zoro loss eye becouse of tashigi.

anyway thats my crack theory
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