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VROOM 01 - Science Aesthetic Miracle

Though it's very structurally similar to Strike Witches, VRO actually feels a lot more like a traditional magical girl series, with the transformation sequences and the mascot(/grandpa) assisting our heroine. (I am aware that Witches had animal familiars, but they've never really been emphasized in the anime.) I enjoyed Strike Witches a lot, but some of the elements this has in place - the futuristic setting and the largely fictional technology, not to mention a smaller number of heroines in the core cast - means I may end up slightly preferring this one. That everyone is designed and named like they were members of Bioman is also a plus.

The scenery looks really nice, and Akane's a great character. Though... a red-haired girl voiced by Ayane Sakura with a large amount of focus on her butt. Come on, fanart community, don't let me down here. Though with the pastoral setting and the way Akane's family life is like, I also thought a bit of Tamako Market. I compare because I love. The Palette Suits haven't actually done anything yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing them in action.

Akane's also not the first character I've encountered this week who loves mayo that much.

There's at least three magical or quasi-magical girl shows on the air this season, and for me, this means good times are ahead.

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