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Narutaru ending *SPOILERS*

Hey, i just finished watching Narutaru and i loved the last few eps they were soo good, but also kinda sick and stuff. I was wondering whether anyone can explain to me what happened...coz i understand the fact that they killed Hiro chan who controlled that big beast when she died it stopped doing what it was doing which in turn saved Shiina chans dad....but at the end who was that that ran up to Shiina kinda sounded like Hiro chan but im not sure lol kinda confused. O yeah i dont understand why there was that Otohime person who had those weird markings...she showed up about 2 times i think and one of those times was as a dolphin...but what was the purpose for her being it...someone plz explain ^__^.
Well thats me done but yeah i really liked this anime and thought it was pretty kool...started off a bit boring and slow but that soon changed...bye
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