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Well, I am not Tsurumaru (who should be six feet under now anyway :P) but I can try to answer.

Originally Posted by gravitation
coz i understand the fact that they killed Hiro chan who controlled that big beast thingy...
Who's "they"? Hiroko was killed by Hoshimaru because Shiina couldn't do it herself. Hoshimaru is linked to another character of the series whose identity should be revealed later in the manga. You can figure it out after reading the first manga volume though. Unfortunately, the relevant scenes didn't make it over to the anime version.

so when she died it stopped doing what it was doing which in turn saved Shiina chans dad....but at the end who was that that ran up to Shiina chan...
Just some friends from hers. No deep meaning here.

O yeah i dont understand why there was that Otohime person who had those weird markings...she showed up about 2 times i think and one of those times was as a dolphin...but what was the purpose for her being it...someone plz explain ^__^.
It's hard to explain without giving away of a big part of the manga's story line. Let say that Otohime is related to Shiina and her family, that's why she tries to help her.
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