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Japanese reputation for quality products suffers in the wake of scandals

The CEO of Kobe Steel resigned in the wake of reports that the company cut corners putting production over quality control. This follows on similar scandals at some auto manufacturers and Mitsubishi Materials.

No deaths or injures have been blamed on the Kobe Steel products at the center of the data falsification scandal, which primarily involved employees saying incorrectly that products met the company’s own lofty safety claims. Customers like Toyota and Honda have said they have not found any safety issues related to the company’s products.

Nevertheless, the scandal shook manufacturers in a country that has long enjoyed a reputation for precision and dependability. Already, when Kobe Steel made its disclosures, confidence in Japan’s manufacturing industry had been shaken by disclosures that Mitsubishi Motors and Suzuki Motor had cheated on fuel economy tests.

After Kobe Steel admitted its quality lapses, Mitsubishi Materials, another major supplier to a number of major Japanese companies, said its workers had falsified inspection data on components that went into cars and planes. Nissan and Subaru, both major automakers, said last year that their employees had improperly conducted safety inspections for cars sold in Japan.

Government officials have admitted that the disclosures tarnished Japan’s reputation for quality and promised to take steps to restore it.
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