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Originally Posted by kasu1127 View Post
*bows in apology* I'm sorry! I missed a line. After the "it must have made you feel insecure line," Fate says "It's all right, Nanoha."

So the complete translation again:

I think you can figure out where everything goes now, but "By your side. Always." is in one speech bubble in the last frame. Move "I'll always be with Nanoha" to the left of Frame 4 (where "By your side" is currently located), and "It's all right, Nanoha" should be in the centre speech bubble (the one that overlaps Frames 3 and 4).
Hope that made sense.

And I'm sorry for missing the line again! I need to triple check my posts from now on.
Thanks. Now it makes sense. It's ok, everybody makes mistakes.

rest is here
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