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Originally Posted by kasu1127 View Post
That was fast.

Erm... I don't know how image-editing works or how long it takes to edit, but I was reading it...and... I think it'll flow better if I broke away from the very literal translation style and say that "I'll always be with Nanoha" would be better off as "I'll always be with you." The name "Nanoha" seems to be repeated too often here...
It's nothing major though, unless someone spots a translation error, so whether you want to change it is up to you.
Sometimes it's fast sometimes slow, it depends on where text is placed and whether other adjustements have to be made or not.
Well I don't think it is problem, maybe I will change it when I will have more free time. Dawn is coming. But I think you should use same style of translation at least for last page. Sorry if this don't make sense, my brain is shutting down.

Originally Posted by kasu1127 View Post
EDIT: Just checked the artist's website. One more page of Neko!Nanoha left!!! Enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm pretty much sure what it is going to be about.
Once some one asked me where I came from. I just pointed behind myself. When the same person asked where I was heading, I just pointed towards the horizon I was looking at. "It's simple, I neither belong here nor there. I am just walking..."
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