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My, my. It's really looking good. I can't wait.

Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS
Does the main male lead best friend by a thing for Hullen the long hair girl? It mentions something about love towards her character. While Hullen's character info mentions about her being close/caring the main male lead. Looks like they'll be a love triangle in the series wouldn't be surprise if the short red hair girl joins in possibily the main male lead having developed feeling for her while Hullen's character feelings for the main male character are never returned.
Yeah, he does. According to the main site, Furuichi tries to comfort Haru while she yearns to meet Akiyuki again, believing that he and Xamdou are one and the same. Ouch. I guess we'll be seeing some dramatic conflict in this area.

Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS
I'm probably wrong on what I could understand using to translate into english.
Well, it's not always advisable to resort to online translators, but if you really have to, may I suggest this? You have ten translators to choose from.
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