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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
On the topic of Obama, it is hard for me to understand exactly why European countries would like Obama. Mccain's politics are more in line with their interests no? Obama is going to raise tariffs, Mccain isn't for example. The Iraq war is here to stay despite what Obama may like or think.
But you have to remember there is other wars out there and we cant stay in Iraq forever to watch over them, heck even the Iraq wants us to go, so they can take of their own country.

Besides, we(Military) is stretched out as it is, and what is going on in Russia and other places in the world, we cant stay in Iraq, then shuffed off to a another country on a whim with enlistment of all the U.S. Military services is at all-time lows. You will have some tired and beaten military personnel that have to go to a another war after this one.
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