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Originally Posted by bayoab View Post
This depends how things play out. If things continue anything like that Florida speech where she basically ignored the fact that someone else was the nominee and basically spoke about the great democratic platform, it will create more questions.

No, she didn't have the choice after making statements that basically equated to "If I don't get nominated, McCain would be a better pick than Obama". She definitely helped to drive a stake in the party and it is her job to help remove it, if she wants to keep her legacy that is. Her and her husband's legacy would basically be in tatters if they had just sat back and watched.
that just normal campaigning talk. personally i would have gone in harder earlier against Obama. The Clinton campaign defintely drop the ball there.

Also, her supporters (and maybe her) seem to feel that she is entitled something even though she lost the nomination. This is probably in there with the stupidest sticking points I've ever heard of in politics.
She did get 18 mil votes and no matter how slice it and dice it, that is 18 million voters.

pelosi and dean needs to easy up on the Clinton camp, if they force a break with the Clintons, they can cripple the Dem for the next 10 years.
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