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Originally Posted by solomon View Post
If you notice current political campaign talk and what it revolves around, it revolves around HUMANS, because we are voting, not rabbits or bears in the forests. Oh and here's something else; some people don't see us humans anywhere close to animals They wonder if we worry too much about the plight of another horned owl when it can facilitate more land development that we "need". (I'm paraphrasing something Rush Limbaugh said on Nightline in 92). There is still a big debate over weither or not global climate change exists or weither we produce as much pollution as whoever does. As long as politicians and more importantly voters don't think about animals outside of their own dog or cat as worthy of protection when necessary, the ecosystem will continue to be abused.
I know that animals can't vote lol (if they did, that would be funny). I'm just saying with this new president, I hope that they could talk about the environment and whatnot. I'm just a really big fangirl about nature and environmental friendly kind of person, and respect about everything in this crazy a** world. But I see your point.
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