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Well since Index's memorization is supernatural in nature shouldn't being around Touma prevent her from memorizing every single detail as was the concern? If she can't memorize everything then she's not filling up her head at a dangerous rate. His right hand can interfere with magic if he's in the vacinity and can cancel out various things. Maybe its a stretch, but want to put some faith in that right hand. Memory wipe once a year doesn't really solve much, but only keeps things going for another year that she isn't going to remember. At any rate things will get more interesting in the next episode with time being up.

But unless he wants to get his ass kicked again Touma is going to need some help. He can't do anything against the sword+wire combo thing. Now the fire blasts are things he can take care of.

Think if this job is something they can't handle anymore someone else in the church should be left to take care of Index. Whole thing seems to have gone into a love/hate relationship. They care about Index, but apparently not enough to keep from terrifying her and chasing her around the place. What kind of year of living is that supposed to be?

Anyways loved the line "Apparently you see Stiyl as an enemy." Well yeah considering he almost burned the dorm down and tried to kill Touma. I don't think we're leaving the realm of expected to see Stiyl in that fashion .
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