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OK, so from my previous theories on Yuno, the reason she has multiple Yuki phones is because it is from the previous world that she won the Future Diary contest. The one that reads Amano-kun is from this world's Yuno, while the one that reads Yukii-kun is her original one. I could only see 2 phones total, so I'm still sticking to Yuno only winning once before, not multiple times like warita has been stating her friend has said.

Of course, then we are now back to whether Yuno wants Yuki to win or not. I originally expected Yuno to let Yuki win in order to pass the burden on to him and make up for not saving him in the past. However, since dead people cannot be revived to their original form, only created in Deus' own image, Yuno could possibly want to win in order to "experience" Yuki over and over again. Yuno knows about what everything is to come because she has already experienced it, hence she told Yuki about his friends' "betrayal".

Well, we'll see what happens next week with what Akise wrote on his phone.
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