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Originally Posted by TheForsaken View Post
Okay, so in a few episodes before people hated Yukki because he didn't trust Yuno, now they hate him because he trusts her.
People hated Yukki because he was unable to kill, now they hate him because he kills.
Seriously, what do you want exactly?
I was one of those who screamed why doesnt he trust her???..... and I still dont see why he shouldnt trust her from his perspective.....thats the bitter irony of it. She didnt fool only Yukki, she fooled us as well.... and we should keep in mind that the angle of our sight is broader than Yukkis, after all we have information he doesnt, so it is only natural he keeps trusting her. Heck, I would do the same, if I was him.

But what really threw me off balance was the kiss Akise gave Yukki....... I didnt notice Akise was in love with Yukki. Now, I have seen a yaoi or two, so this isnt upsetting me in any way, I just didnt expect it. And somehow I prefer to see this kind of stuff in genres specifically reserved for it (= yaoi/yuri). In a normal anime this catches me unpleasantly off guard. Also.... Akise is into BL? He never came across that way.
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