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Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post

ViVid 1-5

ViVid 6

ViVid 7

Spoiler for Blood That Flows - ViVid 8:
Odin: At least Filia won't be lonely anymore around a hundred years or so.

Val: She won't be lonely But both of us, unless killed, got a LONG lifespan.

Odin: Heh.

Me: Man. Hiya Levi, are you planning to get married to that shirtless guy?

Reia: Stress is bad to pregnant women. It's understandable why Rein Eins keeping it a secret from Hayate.

Me: A creature that's totally Immune to magic? I rather have Asuna Kagurazaka in the front lines than whatever mad science being cook up.

Asuna: And Find a job, you idiot.

Me: *Sweatdrop*

Reia: *giggles*
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