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Chapter 130 did not answer any questions at all as far as I can see. Priscilla blew past Miria like it was nothing, then she lit into the gathering of awakened beings for no apparent reason. It came out that "Priscilla" is actually a merged being fighting itself for control and neither outcome sounded fun. The warriors all sang "Kumbaya" ate s'mores and readied themselves to fight the winner of the battle between Priscilla and the merged Rafaela/Luciela. WTF!? Is this all part of the winding down of Claymore?
Since no one has posted or commented on this page, I guess I'll turn out the lights as I leave. G'night everybody!
Wait wait wait! I still come here often. Anyways, I hope this isn't the definitive end of Claymore There's still the mainland to cover up, the war with the Asarakam, and how our warriors will deal with them if they decide to travel to the mainland OR the Asarakam find out and decide to attack the island where the humans have been developing the only weapons that are on par with their dragon forms. My guess is, after this climactic fight, Yagi will confirm the true(remember ch.126?) sequel to Claymore, ala Naruto Shippudden or something similar. I hope Yagi doesn't ignore this. Plus, I have a feeling that Priscilla might not die yet for some reason.

Also off-topic question: Do the Asarakam have human allies? I ask this b/c in Ch. 126, Rimuto reveals that the Draconic tribe and Kin are actually one in the same: similar to the relationship between Claymores and ABs. Is Rubel really a spy for them, or did he just reveal that info for Miria just because?
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