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The episode was cool.

I find it mildly funny how most of them seem to reek the "not-really-at-full-strength LAWL" vibes. Granted, they're probably not doing lame multiple rank limiting and Nanoha and co. are already pushing their limits...a bit, but it still cracks me up a little.

I'm enjoying the collaberation of the Numbers much more than I've thought. They seem to represent a more team-based support-modus style of differing styles and patterns. Can't wait for the rest of the Numbers to show their skills.

Number 3 looks a lot like Scagliette though...Hair...Eyes...Related? Then again, we can probably say the same for the Material Girl.

Relics doesn't seem to be THAT important to the Numbers.They seem to favor what Lutecia's personally looking for... Well, we can chock it up to the seemingly nice familial relationship between the Numbers, but who knows? Anyway, Scagliette's FASTTT falling down my "evil" list. Prove me right, please.

And even though he's no Graham, I can't seem to really dislike Regius. Sure, he looks like he's just trying to find faults within the RF6, and seems to give me more of that "kind of guy you always see in militaries" more than "the evil corrupt bastard." There's always a bunch of wingers in factions. Well, we'll see.

Next week, the current only known Elio-equivalent to the female-centric baddies a flashback, and Materialoli too it seems.
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