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Oh god...Hirano Aya's godly pink shirt...(no pun intended)

I'm glad Hirano Aya improved her singing, her personal concert was decent. Unamed World on Animelo 2008 was really good for her standards. Oh my...this is the best Bouken Desho Desho I ever ever ever ever heard from her. I think I heard all the live versions already, this is definately the best one. Most likely she's sitting down or standing still and not jumping around like a maniac (or trying to flash her panties).

I'm quite a fan of orchestra music, this is definately a great listen. Especially with Hirano Aya's improved singing, Chihara Minori(n) is one of the seiyuus who can sing well live. I want the instrumental version...the arrangement is certainly done well, Koi no Mikuru Densetsu sounds just like any other movie soundtrack. Did the conductor re-arranged it? Even on my crappy 20 speakers it sounds great, I'm waiting for my absolutely evil ear infection to go away, so I can use my in-ear headphones. ;~;

Who ever thought of the idea of making an orchestra version of Haruhi music should get a promotion. I shall stop saying how much I love this.
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