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After watching Fate/zero, or at least half of it, i decided to pick this up. First thing I noticed is how much better the prequel is in almost all aspects. They've done alot of things right in Zero which they failed here. But let's not get into that.

Fate/night is a mixed bag. I enjoyed it to some extent. The biggest annoyance by far is the main character. Therefore i can't enjoy the series to it's fullest as he is just always there. I understand his part in this story i just wished they would have made him different. The premise is exciting. There is just so much right with the whole Fate /world. It could really be something epic if executed right, instead it is ambivalent. Still it touched me somewhere in my empty soul and i think it did to many people so they got that part right.

Just one thing...Sakura's brother got killed and the next day she cooks and smiles as if nothing happened. She did got sad for a second but it seems it was for a different reason.
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