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Uh, given that he's been fighting using swords for like 2 years straight in SAO, I actually think that Kirito did exceptionally POOR against Suguha because one, he doesn't follow Kendo rules. Two, the techniques he's learned in SAO is used to kill. Three, well, he's practically trained in the virtual world day and night in sword fighting, even if some of them are non-applicable in real life.

The only disadvantage he has against Suguha was his weak body, and his misconception that certain sword skills in VR would work in real life. Suguha's Kendo training would've confined her to hitting the head, side and chest (I think?) area only, and Suguha WON. That is kind of... upsetting.

There's one thing that I find weird, and that's Suguha's surprise at how good Kirito is at swordfighting. I mean, c'mon, he's trapped in a virtual world called Sword Arts Online, why would you ever be surprised that he's giving you one helluva sword challenge? She should've been surprised that he didn't faceroll her instead!
I won't reiterate what others have said, but do allow me to add something else, as well: Having had training in a VR enviroment does not mean the same applies for RL. If you noticed, Kirito lost his footing -- the physics are completely different in real life as your weight will shift as you swing and move your body about. Also, please remember that he is still recovering from having spent 2 years in a coma -- his body seems to look back to normal, but I'm sure there are certain things he isn't quite used to yet. He bragged about great improvement during rehab, but it's still rehab - you will have some kind of impairment still.

Kirito did exceptionally well despite this. Plus, he still has the potential to be much, much better still. His instinct is pretty good, also note she mentioned how this seemed like second nature to him. he just needs to learn the basics of kendo and work from his way up -- he is already familiar with danger and what a hesitant attitude can mean in a battle. Now he just needs to train his body to keep up with him.

This is why I like SAO so much. This is such a world out of the ordinary, but they still remember to apply little details like this. I'm not too sure about the NTR going in there, and the anime team did omit a lot of important bits from the novel (from what I've seen in the forums, at least. I haven't read the novel).
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