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Well, I concede that Kirito wasn't able to go all out due to his body condition, but I still think that he could've put on a better fight. Certainly Kendo was adapted from real sword fight (like every other martial arts in the world duh), but with the exception of the throat thrust, they're mostly meant to be non-lethal. Whereas Kirito has been fighting in SAO, with all his experiences trained to kill something.
I shouldn't need to point out that killing something in a video game is just a matter of reducing their health points until it reaches zero. It's just as much a game of points as kendo. Just because it's a matter of life and death doesn't mean it's realistic. They could have been trapped in a VR table tennis simulator and played table tennis with their life on the line, but that would just make them really good at table tennis. It doesn't mean they have real battle experience.
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