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Then why the crying? The crying reminds me of a slightly similar scene in Clannad, in which acceptance of romantic loss sets in, causing a strong emotional reaction.

If you're right about how to interpret her line here, then shouldn't we see a face of determination, and not crying that looks like a person mourning inescapable loss?
I don't think her tears at the very end of the sequence as she trails off to sleep constitute either mourning or acceptance, but just the fact that she's in pain. The key scene was the one that setup the whole situation, where she said to Kazuto "You shouldn't give up on the one you love so easily..." and which followed in narration with "And I need to stop lying to myself as well...". The context of that comment was not that Kazuto loves Asuna, it's that you shouldn't give up on the one you love. In that scene, she was not crying. Connect it to the flashback that follows (about her not believing that they're really cousins), and it just sets up clearly that she's in love with him.

So anyway, I don't think we can conclude from this scene that she's given up yet. Besides, they only just introduced the plot element, so it's way too early for her to accept it just yet -- there's no point introducing an unrequited love interest and having them accept it at the same moment. She does realize that Kazuto only sees Asuna right now, but she has kind of been out of his life for the last two years. I think she isn't out of chances to convey her feelings yet, even if the odds of Kazuto accepting are (we know, and to a degree she knows) essentially zero.
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