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Her committing suicide is lame. Because she can complete the task by herself. She can send the tree into space if she wants to do it. She sends Hakaze to sleep easily, although it's the trend of plot. Instead, she takes the more difficult route. She uses less capable Mahiro and Yoshino to device her play. Above all, she sees herself as a mere side character in the "play". Even before her death, her only concern is reciting Shakespeare's line. She becomes interested in Yoshino because Yoshino calls her Aika-chan. Their relationship still doesn't make sense. The logic is so manga style. So, Yoshino may doubt Aika's love for him. Yoshino may even doubt Hakaze's love him. Hakaze has to assures him her love for him is not just temporary crash. To help Hakaze, Mahiro and Yoshino turns against Samon. Then, they fights for Samon's cause. The outcome is not economical.
For Aika to end the Genesis Tree herself, she would first have to target its Core...which remained hidden until now.

The current chain of events caused by her death has caused the Core to be revealed.

It is not certain for sure this would have come to pass if she lived.

Should she have tried some other path? Maybe...but would it have worked is much less certain.

Nothing certain about that future. They still have to fight the Tree of Genesis. It's not like they were guaranteed to die if she didn't kill herself, either.
Perhaps not...but it is still extremely likely that Genesis Tree would reset civilization and chances of Mahiro and Yoshino not surviving in that case are not low to say the least.

The other course of action may not even result in the chance to fight the Genesis Tree

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