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I disagree with you all.
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Suppose she did go with her original plan and directly informed Hakaze and the Kusaribe clan the truth about the two Trees. How many people would actually believe someone they believed to be their enemy with no empirical evidence that what she says is true? The younger Hakaze would have been headstrong and hellbent on taking down the Tree of Exodus and reviving the Tree of Genesis like she was at the beginning of the series.

The reason why the infighting between Hakaze and the rest of the clan stopped is because Yoshino and Mahiro's intervention gave both sides time to figure out the truth with their own devices.

Between fighting by herself or with very few allies and fighting with two intelligent boys and the entire Kusaribe clan on her side, I think it should be obvious which one gives the world better odds.
Yeah, the one with Aika in it.

Seriously - in the fight against the Tree of Genesis, the key piece is the Mage of Exodus. Everyone else is a sideshow. So it's a choice between Hanemura and Aika. I say we take the one with guts.

Besides, most of the Kusaribe acted against the Tree before they even learned of Aika's existence. So at worst? They lose Hakaze. A loss which would be more than compensated for by having Aika on board.
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