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Seriously - in the fight against the Tree of Genesis, the key piece is the Mage of Exodus. Everyone else is a sideshow. So it's a choice between Hanemura and Aika. I say we take the one with guts.
People really underestimate Hanemura, he may be a wimp but in the end he has always done a good work considering he is a back-up Mage.
Even Mahiro right now thinks Hanemura is more than capable of fighting against the Tree of Genesis

Besides, most of the Kusaribe acted against the Tree before they even learned of Aika's existence. So at worst? They lose Hakaze. A loss which would be more than compensated for by having Aika on board.
Ok, Aika is clearly more powerful and her power was set to top over Hakaze's power but imagine how Hakaze would fight against Aika with her personality pre-Yoshino and confident on following the Tree's logic.

The main point of Aika's sacrifice though, is that her death guarantees the appearance of the Tree of Genesis' core.
Aika knows that destroying the core is the only way to defeat the Tree, but unless it is revealed we don't know if she could be capable of eradicating the Tree of Genesis even if she is as powerful as she is.

There could be alternatives that might have worked but the quickest way which guarantees the core's appearance is through her death and that's why she decided that was the best plan.
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