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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
"considering he's a back-up Mage", yeah. But he's being compared to Aika.
It's tough being compared to Aika but at least he's capable of destroying the Tree of Genesis

That's the problem - we don't know how paradox works. Because if Aika doesn't die... then what happens to Hakaze on her island? Does she even still turn into a skeleton for Samon to collect? (which in the original timeline happened before Aika's death. The turning into bones, I mean. The collection comes after.) Anyway, it's likely pre-Yoshino Hakaze doesn't become an issue. And even if she does, Aika will just have to slap her around. Again.
Hakaze has logic on her favor so she would survive her stay in the island and would find a way of returning.

We don't really know how things could play with Hakaze as a threat although Aika could win against her in a fight. Hakaze was a very proud person and only the tragedies and love changed her.

If the core doesn't appear then the whole Tree becomes next generation's problem. I don't see a downside, from her POV.
But she did see it as a downside, after all she said that she does it for Yoshino and Mahiro so there was a risk of the world ending during their generation.

Originally Posted by Shadow5YA
I don't think Aika would like having Mahiro or Yoshino's and her children die either.
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