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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
Do you remember that they accused Hanemura and doubted him when he first appeared?

I don't know why you would think humans are simple enough to believe everything without proof.
1- She wouldn't have to convince them of much had already arrived at the conclusion that the Tree was bad news without ever hearing of her. And once Evangeline had been given the same facts, she eventually arrived at a conclusion that was very close to Aika's story.
2- It doesn't matter. The Kusaribe magic is unusable near the tree, the government weapons just feed it (not that they have the government's cooperation now), and Aika's strong enough to just punch through whatever blockade the world powers put in her way. The Kusaribe and Evangeline's friends may be useful for the secondary objective of killing the tree without human bloodshed, but that's about it.

That's why I said the real choice was between Hanemura and Aika. Whatever allies they each would have don't count.

You're also not giving Hakaze enough credit, considering she is the one who awakened all the Exodus Tree fruits so the Mage of Exodus can use his/her full power.
She helped train Hanemura. Did Aika look like she needed that sort of training? As for the fruits - it's just the natural process of both Trees' awakening. She isn't precisely necessary.

Do you honestly think this is a solo effort after everything the characters have experienced?
They seem to think so. It's the Mage of Exodus' job to kill the Tree. All the others can do is help get him there.

I don't think Aika would like having Mahiro or Yoshino's children die either.
Then the best thing she can do is oversee the Tree of Genesis' destruction herself. Failing that, train her successor, if she can. Killing herself and leaving it to Hanemura is one of the worst options.

Originally Posted by Bern-san View Post
It's tough being compared to Aika but at least he's capable of destroying the Tree of Genesis
He's capable of destroying defenseless saplings.

Hakaze has logic on her favor so she would survive her stay in the island and would find a way of returning.
She didn't in the original timeline. Not until Yoshino pointed one out to her. And even she does, so what? (But really, the paradox thing... if Aika doesn't kill herself, what would happen? Aika had to travel in time twice to meet her.)

We don't really know how things could play with Hakaze as a threat although Aika could win against her in a fight. Hakaze was a very proud person and only the tragedies and love changed her.

But she did see it as a downside, after all she said that she does it for Yoshino and Mahiro so there was a risk of the world ending during their generation.
There's plenty of danger without her around. After all, they now have to face the Tree of Genesis without her.

Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
I thought the main reason Aika did what she did was in order to secure Yoshino's and Mahiro's survival. If she survived, there is no guarantee of their survival, since the Tree of Genesis might find a way to kill them. At least with the current path, they have survived.
So far. Let's say you're on a plane with your loved ones. The plane is on fire. So you push them out as fast as you can, without even trying to find parachutes for them. Can you really say you've saved their lives?

I thought that was the underlying, most important reason for her.
Yeah. But as I said, short-sighted.
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