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Originally Posted by jonli
Devil Gundam is still made of machines. It still falls into the category of "advanced technology"; the moonlight butterfly would most probably destroy every single DG Cell inside the Gundam until there isnt a spec of dust left. Nothing left = cannot regenerate.

Why cant anything stand against God finger?
moonlight butterfly itself IS advanced technology, nanotechnology to be specific. There's nothing supernatural about it, it's just self-replicating nanomachines that use everything around as raw materials to build more of themselves. Devil Gundam's DG cells are bio-mechanical nanomachines that can self-regenerate, self-replicate and self-evolve, and ANY organism or machine that comes into contact with DG cells will be instantly assimilated by them. So I'd say the nanomachines released by moonlight butterfly will be instantly assimilated by the DG cells of the Devil Gundam when they touches it. Nothing short of a supernatural attack can reach Devil Gundam without being assimilated into it.

nothing can stand against God Finger because God Finger is supernatural
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