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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
I don't get it. Why does Sui want to close the inn? Some weird aesthetic?

It's one thing to close down a business that's unprofitable.
Well, the inn is unprofitable, and it's only going to get worse once the new resort opens. And on top of that, she really has no one to pass it on to -- Enishi has shown himself to be utterly incompetent in business, Satsuki doesn't want it, and Ohana is too young. The only alternative is to give it to an employee like Tomoe or Ren -- and I'm not sure they could handle it -- or sell it to a stranger who might do god knows what to the place (and frankly, I don't think the employees would stick around if a stranger took over).

But to put half a dozen people out of work just because she doesn't feel like continuing?
She's an old woman in declining health who's devoted her entire life to this place. I don't begrudge her wanting to spend her last few years relaxing. Just think about it -- Ohana's been there, what, six months, and so far as we know, she and Sui have only had two conversations as grandmother and grandchild (when Sui was in the hospital and when Satsuki came to visit). That's gotta be hard on Sui, but as long as she's Madame Manager it's not going to change.

(Of course, we all know somethings going to come along to save the inn, most like Satsuki deciding to return to the fold.)
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