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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
My own view on Minchi is similar to your own. She basically needs to learn anger management, and also learn that some things (especially romantic attraction) comes down to personal taste, and there's not necessarily a "right" or "wrong" taste (this is especially important for a cook to learn, lol). Once Ohana said she had a crush on Ko, that should have been the end of it.
I'd personally argue that demanding Ohana to go out with Tohru at all was unreasonable. Minchi was operating from some kind of presumption that Ohana was inconveniencing Tohru...when in reality she felt like SHE was the one being inconvenienced and was lashing out.

Originally Posted by vansonbee View Post
It depends, if Ko rejects Ohana, that means he has develop, he has moved on with his life, but if he didn't, there no need to develop him further, because he has been already set-up as the sweet and good looking generic boy, while Ohana on the other side of the spectrum, she couldn't sort out her feelings till now, it was after all, the first confession in her life.
That'd be pretty unsatisfying. I think it'd confirm everybody's feelings about Ko being a rather flat character. Right now I'm of the view point that there are two *good* ways to wrap things up with Ko. Both the endings could be equally good in my mind, but the execution on one is much more difficult (and from my perspective it's not preferred).

-Ohana has to win Ko back. This is done by having mother fucking adult conversations. Not making cutsey analogies about each other, or smiling or giggling like a pair of adorable ten year olds while creepy fans squee over how cute that is.

Some kind of catharsis being reached between the two after they thoroughly diss and call eachother out on their respective failings (Ko for running off from a confused Ohana after confessing, and Ohana for holding out on Ko for so long) would go so far in giving me more respect for the pairing.

-Ohana and Ko reconcile. They realize that they did used to really like each other but they've both changed/drifted so much that they don't know each other anymore. They amicably go their separate ways, clearing the water.

Ko acting out the part of a eternally passive, chaste virginal maiden waiting for the gallant Ohana to deflower would be kinda lame and ass pulled.
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