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finally caught up!

chihayafuru is a gorgeous anime and one of the most promising romances in years, imo. the bond between all three characters was very real and nuanced, and that'll make the eventual drama even better.

haven't gone through the entire thread, but i'm sure taichi is going to be a hotly debated character. i'm a fan of him so far--he acted like a jealous, insecure 12 year old boy who thought insulting/bullying somebody who was different would impress the girl he liked.

he was mistaken lol.

his insecurities though seem to exist when he's older too with the whole 'i'm dating her but i don't like her' thing. he's got a lot of growing to do but that makes it fun

arata is just adorable but not as interesting as taichi for me. chihaya is also adorable!

i just like how they acted like kids, it's refreshing to see that.

and goddamn aint karuta dramatic lol. some of those moves were epic.

the only character who i don't like--so far--is chihaya's older sister. she's got a ballooned ego.

in love with this series so far!
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