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Tsukimiya Ayu and Kamio Misuzu get paired up with Clannad characters and unsurprisingly get completely hammered for it. Erza was too weak to take advantage of the split vote but I suspect that Ayu cost Kotomi the win against Ritsu.

In a huge outlier match result, Hakamada Hinata makes a run at Sakura Kyoko. She didn't get too close in the end but I expected Kyoko to do much, much better considering what should be a massive strength gap between the two. I had Kyouko projected to get 64% of the non-Chihaya votes not the 54% she actually got. I'm not really sure what the cause of this is. It's not like Minato Tomoka suddenly got a boost along with Hinata and there are no other Madoka characters to compare against this round. I'm guessing this is a one time outlier result but we'll see in the next few days.

As the Guilty Crown anime nears its end it, some of their characters may be powering up. Tsugumi seems to be a fair bit stronger than before. However, once again it is not enough to change a result due to the pre-boost natural strength gap. I'm looking forward to seeing if Ayase or Inori boosted as well.

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Some of these results look quite strange. I'd point some out, but I'm sure TRE will come around with his analysis soon enough.
The Sakura Kyouko match is definitely really strange. I don't know why it went down like that. Tsugumi's performance was pretty high and while I cite a "end of Guilty Crown" boost as possible, I think it's a bit early for it to kick in. Kotomi and Tomoyo doing badly is probably just a normal result of split votes. Were there any other results you thought were strange? Nanoha also looked a bit on the high side but I don't think it was anything too far out there.
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