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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I'm having a conflicted feeling about this. I don't like the way FT was treated in the previous chapter (getting pummeled one-sidedly by their enemies), but it's also strange to see them owning their enemies in this fight Nice chapter though.
Lucy getting pummel, has nothing to do with Natsu/Gajeel fight. Plus it's mainly 2 vs. 2, where Lucy was a free for all and the goal was to knock them out a water sphere and I can't picture Natsu in that and trying to blow fire. lol

Originally Posted by KleenexGhost View Post
Something tells me that they're still gonna end up giving Sabertooth the nakama treatment. At this point the only two people in Sabertooth who actually deserve being treated like nakama are Yukino (who's been kicked out already) and Rogue.
Hope not, there's just not enough screen time for the current secondary characters as it is.
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